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Pictures taken December 2016.

Bryan Blatt was kind enough to entrust this fine boy to my care.

Beau marks the embarkment of splash bred Morgan horses here at Mia-Mar and I couldn't be more excited to add this colt to my stallion line-up. He is correct with high percent foundation bloodlines and he is chromed out nicely. He has two blue eyes that contrast nicely with his rich coat color. I can hardly wait to see what he produces for me.

July 20 2015
Colour: Chestnut (eeAaSpl)
Bald face, 4 stockings, large belly spot
Can #:
017726 US #: 191152
15 mat est


                      Old Ways Bimbeau x Amador Firelight

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T-Bone Cards Fancy (ch) Playcard(ch)
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Funquest Falconidae (blk)

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