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This dark, pretty filly arrived on May 12, 2007. She has a sweet and polite disposition. Charm has a bold and curious attitude as well. This makes for a great combination as she is trusting and smart.

Charm defiantely has her sire's beautiful face. She has beautiful straight legs with clean bones. Her confirmation is correct wih a flat shoulder and long hip. She is most certainly her daddy's girl. She reminds me more and more of him with each passing day! Mia-Mar Loves Lucky Charm

Charm's movement is as I would expect from a cross between Loverboy and Star... strong and flashy! What a pretty girl to watch. I could sit and look at her all day.

Mia-Mar Loves Lucky Charm

We got her halter broke and she learned to have her feet well handled as a weanling. She learned to yeild to her handler and began basic ground work as a yearling and two year old. I find that she is eager to please me and quick to catch on. What a joy she is to work with.

Due to the death of my husband, Charm was just turned out to pasture with all the other horses for her third year and her training went on hold. As a four year old, charm learned to pull a cart and carry a person. She loves the work and I love working with her.

Charm's 5th year is seeing more saddle work. She is showing a good mind, being sensible to new obsticles and experiences.

Charm is more energetic that she has been in the past, showing more of her dam's disposition. She has her sire's willingness to please coupled with her dam's energy. This equals fun.

12 May 2007
Colour: Brown (EeAta)
Both Hind Irregular Coronet
Can #:


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