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Ember is an own daughter of the ever beautiful Minion Millennium. How could I resist? Ember

Ember is a daughter of the well-know Minion Millennium.

This pretty girl has lovely conformation with that look-at-me attitude. Check out the angles on her body... Great shoulder and fantastic hip. I love the way her neck sets into her shoulder and her beautiful refined throat. Ember has a beautiful feminine face full of expression.

Ember has produced 2 fantastic colts for me by 2 different stallions and she will be bred again in 2017 for another foal in 2018. The true test of a broodmare is to see what they produce bred to different stallion and so far, this mare is golden.

12April 2007
Colour: Chestnut (eeAA)
Star, stripe, snip,LH Stocking, RH Sock
Can #:
16886      US #:0174725

MillenniumImage not available

Minion Millennium x Ryan's Chance To Dance

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Mia-Mar Ring Of Fire - 2014 colt; Mia-Mar Free Love - 2016 colt ; Mia-Mar Do You Dance - 2018 filly

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