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We have had Star since late 2004. When she arrived at our farm she wanted nothing to do with people. She had been running on pasture with a band of mares and had been having a grand old time. She had no need for humans. It took quite some time before I was able to consistently walk up to her with halter and rope in hand and catch her. Now anyone in the family can catch her anywhere. She is not even shy when strangers come to visit.

Shato's Lucky Star

Star is unbroke to saddle, but I have sat on her back a few times. I keep saying that I want to train her, but there is always another horse in need of training more than her.

This mare has a quiet confidence about her. She knows who she is, and what she wants. She never challenges us, she knows her place in the order of her universe. She is a dominant mare in the herd, but she will share her pile of hay with any horse that doesn't challenge her (Except her gramma - Sherri).

Star has good conformation with a classic face. She has a strong ground covering trot and a powerful gallop. She is very athletic. She has the size, temperament, and athletic ability we look for in an ideal brood mare. Star has produced three beautiful brown fillies for us that you can see below. All these fillies are of exceptional quality. Star was be left open for 2010 as I reduced our herd size. I did breed her back to Loverboy for a spring 2011 foal and she produced an incredible brown colt.

05 May 1999
Colour: Chestnut (e/e A/a)
Star, both hind partial coronet
Can #:
011523      US #: 0173342

Photo Courtesy of Two J FarmsPhoto not available

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