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I know I need new pictures of this beautiful girl. These simply do not due her justice.

This filly is a dream come true for me. I have always wanted a grulla and now here she is!

This colorful girl has spent much of her time out on pasture. She has grown like a bad weed and matured into a stunning young mare. I cannot wait to get this girl under saddle next year. Truly

Truly is going nicely under saddle. The initial round penning was a challeng as she really didn't want someone telling her what to do but once she got over that, training was a breeze. She loves the attention, and going down the road is her favorite!

Colour: Smokey Grulla (EeCrD)
star, rh sock, rf coronet
Can #:
17146 US#:184969


Baptiste Blue Hawaii x Amberfield's Dun Lovin

Baptiste Blue Hawaii(crm) Pal-A-Mors Golden Sun(pal) Glori Del Sir John(pal) Aeolus Walker(pal)
Manitou Tessica(ch)
Corrells Mae(ch) Correll King(ch)
Darla May(ch)
Kodiak Gold Model Walker(pal) Speedking(pal) Speedramp Walker(pal)
Julie Bird(ch)
Voyagerette Daisy(ch) Caven-Glo Voyager(ch)
Daisy Model(ch)
Amberfield's Dun Lovin(br dun) Stormwashed(grullo) Robbi-Sues Sweet Success(b dun) Equinox Beaubrook(br)
Robbi-sue Misalert(buck dun)
DBF Black Nightcloud(blk) B-L Independence(blk)
Declarations Image(blk)
Finally's Just A Dandy(b) Robbi Sues Mr Alert(buck) Glamorgan Vista(br)
Robbi-sue Misalert(buck dun)
Catskill Sensation(ch) Still water Senator(ch)
Catskill Gay Judy(ch)

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