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I came across a little quote that I rather like, I do not know the origin of the statement but this is what it says:



If you are travelling Highway 16 - Yellowhead Trail between Saskatoon and Lloydminster, please stop in. I am always excited to meet new people and never tire of talking horses. My farm is located 45km east of Lloydminster, Alberta - Canada's Border City on the Alberta/Saskatchewan border. If you are coming from the Saskachewan side, we are about a 45 munute drive west of North Battleford, Saskatchewan. Just look for the signs 10 km east of Maidstone, Saskachewan. You will see us on the south side of the highway. You can't miss us - just look for all the great Morgan horses in the yard.

So if you are travelling by, or you want to make a special trip just to see our incredible horses including our stallion - "Mia-Mar Landslide" we would love to see you. Our boys each offer different bloodlines accompanied with excellent conformation and unsurpassed dispositions. My mares have incredible conformation and although I "might" be biased - you won't find better temperament or disposition anywhere. My mares offer some diversity in their body styles, I like all body styles... from refined and dainty to robust and curvy; 14.1 hands to 16 hands tall. The only conformational requirements I have of them is that they are to be correct and typy. Some of their bloodlines include: Beamington, Trebles Willy Wild, Windhover Regency, Immortal Command, Gays Cinco De Mayo, Funquest and Lippit breeding. So the next time you are in the neighbourhood, come on by and stop in.

The handling and training practices at Mia-Mar come from years of horse handling experience and using personality profiling technics. Horses are like people with different personalities and learning types. One training method that works great for one horse may be totaly wrong for another. This is where personality profiling comes into play. Each horse is profiled and a training program is tailored for that specific horse. This cannot start too early. I profile the foals as early as possible. Sometimes the foals mature into a different personality type, but more likely than not, the personality that is profiled at two months old is the same as the profile that they have as a mature, trained animal. This time spent studying and connecting with each horse actually reduces the time needed to train because everything that is done is done more effectively. The goal is always the same, a confident, polite, willing and happy four-legged parter.

"Visitors are always welcome."

"We'll be watching for you."

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